WASHINGTON (AFP) US President Barack Obama vowed Monday the United States would renew its drive for candour and trust in its diplomacy, in remarks lent added relevance by the WikiLeaks document dump drama. Obama did not specifically mention the blizzard of cables containing frank and sometimes highly critical dispatches by US envoys on their hosts abroad, as he addressed foreign diplomats and US foreign service officers. But he vowed that his administration would renew its search for engagement, and was looking for open relationships with foreign nations - and told US diplomats that he knew their work, and appreciated it. My administration has pursued a new era of engagement around the world. an engagement that is grounded in mutual interest and mutual respect, Obama said at a holiday reception at the State Department. It depends on trust, it depends on candour - that is the essence of our diplomacy and the essence of our partnerships. Our commitment to diplomacy, of building partnerships of mutual interests and mutual respect, is going to remain a fundamental cornerstone of our foreign policy.It will not change because not only is it right for America it is right for the world. There have been fears that the release of thousands of US embassy dispatches and documents could harm US relations with key foreign powers, and also make other nations less willing to talk openly with American diplomats. Obama had previously deplored the leak of sensitive US diplomatic cables and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other key officials have mounted a huge damage control effort with foreign leaders and governments.