ISLAMABAD (APP) - Welcoming the forthcoming visit of Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, the ICCI President on Tuesday said that the visit would further enhance economic and trade cooperation between the two friendly countries, besides boosting the confidence of the business community. Chinese Prime Minister is coming with a large business delegation comprising about 250 top businessmen, hence providing an opportunity to the business persons to explore ways for developing trade relations with their Chinese counterparts, ICCI President, Mehfooz Elahi told APP. He was optimistic that the visit would pave way for enhanced trade to meet the target of enhancing trade volume to $15 billion by 2015. Pakistan has multi-dimensional and deep-rooted relationship with China and long-standing ties of friendship between the two countries are underpinned by mutual trust and confidence, said Elahi earlier while addressing businessmen at the chamber house. He said that a number of agreements, worth millions of dollars, in different sectors including energy, infrastructure, engineering, software technologies, telecom, furniture, real estate and tourism, mineral and mining, chemicals and printing, automobile, agriculture and food processing, water, industry and defence are expected to be signed during the visit. He said Pakistan was an agro-based country, however, agriculture productivity is not up to the mark due to use of traditional measures, adding Pakistan was looking forward to China to give technology assistance to modernize agriculture. He was of the view that establishment of industrial facilities and upgradation of communication infrastructure, besides boosting trade between the two countries will also enhance regional connectivity. He appreciated the Presidency level meeting between both countries to resolve Pakistans energy crisis through development of hydel, thermal and solar energy projects adding that Chasma project was subsequently resumed as a cooperative project between Pakistan and the China Nucan have witnessed steady growth in mutual investments in recent years adding investment of more than $1.3 billion was made by China in Pakistan in the last few years. He said that the combined effect certainly will be Pakistans economic revival adding improved relations with China will also contribute towards Pakistan 's security in the changing regional geo-political environment.