A leading Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said that Pakistans nukes are at risk of being seized by extremists. He was talking to CNN on 8th of this December in Washington. He said, My guess is Pakistan has well over 100 nuclear weapons. And that the Pakistani military is so penetrated by extremist elements you have no idea if one morning they're going to lose three or four of them. He referred to the Abbottabad episode in support of his apprehension regarding the presence of extremist element in Pakistan military. He said, Pakistani officials claim they did not know Osama bin Laden had been hiding there for years before elite US forces found and killed him in May. Gingrichs anxiety over the safety of Pakistani nukes is nothing new; it is the continuity of the same bed-time story which all American children have been listening to for the last many years. It is not in fact the anxiety over the insecurity of Pakistani nukes; it is the desire of getting hold on them. To be very honest and straightforward, the nuclear program is the most precious asset of the people of Pakistan. It is just like a dream based on hope and life. We, the Pakistanis know very well how to take care of our dreams. The US authorities are very well aware of the reality that in the presence of the nuclear assets, it is almost next to impossible to cause any damage to the federation of Pakistan. Apparently they have no excuse for getting control of these assets but one; the danger of going these assets into the hands of terrorists. So the whole of the US team is busy in preparing a stage where it could perform a play, 'Pakistans nukes at stake. Somewhere in 2009, a statement of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen was reported by the New York Times. He had told the members of the congress in a confidential briefing that despite being racked by an insurgency, Pakistan is rapidly adding to its nuclear arsenal. Now it is the beginning of 2012; even after three years the story of blames and allegations is the same. In 2009 it was Mike Mullen and now it is Newt Gingrich. Our American friends are simply wasting their times in worrying about the insecurity of our nukes. Once, when I was a school boy, my grandma baked a cake, covered it with a lid and put it in the kitchen window for drying. I still remember her crying, Be vigilant, the rats might drag the cake to their hole. Now, when I am a grown up man, I hear the 'grandpa crying, Be vigilant, the terrorists might run away with your nukes. I feel a strange similarity between the cake and the nukes; both easily approachable; cake for the rats and nukes for the terrorists. The cake could never be stolen by the rats; how could the nukes. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, December 14.