Regrettably, there is no sphere of life which is free from corruption of abominable proportions in our country. But the way our bureaucrats and technocrats are doing the financial corruption is beyond ones comprehension. Of course, they are the people who are plundering Pakistans resources. They are the people who are weakening our institutions. They are the people who are eroding the moral fabric of our society. Indeed, our bureaucrats and technocrats are the real architects of corruption in our national institutions. They invent various ways and means for financial corruption. Unscrupulous people in the government have been causing losses worth billions of rupees to the national exchequer. However, the recent decision of the government to monetize the transport facility to officers from grade 20 to 22 would save billions of taxpayers rupees in the long run. Indeed, it is a right step and in the right direction, if implemented in letter and spirit. Billions of rupees would be saved. The government should also take other steps to reduce the perks and privileges of bureaucrat and technocrats- so as to reduce the burden on the national exchequer and spend the taxpayers money on the welfare of the poor taxpayers. Furthermore, the parliament of Pakistan including the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan deserves handsome praise for unanimously passing the Women Protection Bill and Anti-Acid Throwing Bill, which envisage heavy penalties for offenders. It is believed that this landmark Bill will protect our womenfolk from several social evils. Kudos to the women parliamentarians especially Marvi Memon for her efforts to ensure rights of women. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, December 14.