Imran Khan needs to explain his position about his views on an a more independent foreign policy given the fact that the PPP Foreign Minister has already joined his party and has been nominated as Vice Chairman of TIP, while Musharraf's Foreign Minister is rumoured to be negotiating joining his party. Is there no issue of credibility of these men, or their hibernated conscience, when they, of their own sweet will, considered it appropriate to serve as designated heads of our foreign policy and now their conscience has conveniently woken up, when it suits them politically. Where was their conscience when our citizens were handed over to foreign troops, or when bases were given from where drones flew to bomb our own citizens, or worse when our sovereignty was compromised in exchange for support to the illegitimate military junta which they served, or the alleged negotiations to limit our strategic assets. These men need to express their regrets for their acts done in the past honestly and publicly apologise for their sins. ALI MALIK, Lahore, December 13.