OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Imran Khan included former caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mian Afzal Hayat and ex- Punjab Minister Hussain Jehanian Gardezi on Wednesday in his party and told the media that all 1,000 candidates the party planned to put up in the next elections would not be new faces. 'Such a thinking could be a dream, he said, making it clear that the candidates would be a blend of new and old faces. Those who were prominent among the new entrants in PTI include Mian Afzal Hayat from Gujrat, Hussain Jehanian Gardezi from Khanewal, SA Hameed, former head of Chief Minister task force on essential items and Punjab Food Scheme administrator of the sitting provincial government. Imran addressing a Press conference at his residence on the occasion also said that PTI would stay away from MQM-Mirza war, however, it would hold public meeting in Karachi on December 25th at any cost. He while welcoming newcomers in the party said that he would guarantee no individual involved in financial corruption would be awarded party ticket. He warned political stakeholders of provincial capital of Sindh that there would be war if anyone tried to stop the PTI from holding public meeting at the venue of its choice. PTI chairman claimed that partys moot in Karachi would attract more people than its public gathering of Lahore and appealed that all those wanted change should participate in PTI moot on December 25th. He said that December 25th was an important day in the context of Founder of Pakistans birth anniversary and PTI would celebrate the day at Mazar-i-Quaid, besides making public its programme of change for a new Pakistan. Imran claimed that jumping to the wagon of PTI by the leaders of mainstream political parties indicate that masses and their real representatives needs a change desperately. He said that the youth of the country, which was a real hope of ray, were pressing their elders to join and support the PTI for bringing a real revolution in the life of the common man. Imran claimed: 'I am happy that PML-N leaders have started listening to the unheard voices in their party fearing the success of the PTI, which attaches high importance to its workers rights. Meanwhile, a group of religious parties under the leadership of JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch met PTI Chairman at his residence, while Jamat-ud-Dawaa leader Amir Hamza and Maulana Abdul Rahman Maki were part of the delegation. Liaquat Baloch told the media after the meeting that they have invited Imran Khan to participate in Defence Council Pakistan moot at Minar-i-Pakistan on December 18th. Addressing a minority convention of Christian Community at Green Town, Imran Khan said: 'We want to make Pakistan a State like Khilafat-e-Rashda where every citizen lives in peace and complete harmony. He claimed that winds of change under the wings of the PTI would wipe out the forces of status quo in the next elections and held every corrupt person accountable for its deeds against the nation. Imran said that PTI would welcome members of the minorities including the Christian community for becoming part of the tsunami of the PTI to bring a true revolution in the country in a bid to eliminate the corrupt and provision of justice to everybody. He said that PTI would guarantee the rights of the minorities whether they were members of Sikh community residing in FATA or Hindus living across the country. Imran said that masses would see a flood of justice at Karachi and ,added, that the traditional political forces were now realising that they could not stop a revolution, which would occur as a result of the next general elections.