BARACK Obama has spent $5 million on a luxury Christmas vacation in Hawaii - and the bill is being footed by the tax payer!According to America’s Globe magazine, Barack, his two kids, and wife Michelle Obama have embarked on a glorious getaway and are enjoying lots of costly, over-the-top perks. “The First Family is demanding all sorts of costly, over-the-top perks, and their lavish splurging has unleashed fury,” a source said. Recent reports claimed Michelle flew into a rage after photos of Barack’s flirty behavior with Thailand’s stunning prime minister “humiliated” her in front of the world. “Michelle’s explosion of jealousy has been building for some time,” a source said. “It’s bad enough Barack basks in the attention of Hollywood beauties like Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson, but this was an official engagement with photos flashed around the globe.“Michelle felt humiliated that Barack would be so uncaring of her feelings to behave like that. She read him the riot act for conducting himself like a ‘player’ rather than the president of the United States.“Michelle felt her husband was making her look ridiculous in Bangkok. Whatever their issues are behind closed doors, Michelle demands respect when the public is watching. The president had a lot of explaining to do. I’m sure he was wishing he’d behaved in a far more statesmanlike manner.”                    –SS