LAHORE – The second day proceedings of 43rd session of the Punjab Assembly Friday was marred by unsatisfactory answers by the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Community Development Department and the absence of members.

Eighty per cent questions remained unanswered while the adjournment motions met the same fate at the session that started two-hour late with Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan in the chair.

Parliamentary Secretary Abdul Razzaq Dhillo appeared confused about answering the questions and relied mostly on the chits supplied by the either secretary concerned or Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran sitting in his front row. The agenda mentioned about the presentation of two bills, on the Punjab Public Service Commission (Second Amendment) and the Punjab Boilers and Pressure Vessels (Amendment) 2012, but these were not tabled.

Answering a question on items sold in the Sunday bazaars, he said to a great amusement of everyone that best multinational companies had been engaged for supplies in these bazaars. Upon which, Hassan Murtaza raised a supplementary question about the multi-national companies supplying potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, reddish etcc to the shopkeepers to the Sunday bazaar. This even further confused the secretary.

Muhammad Naveed Anjum was dissatisfied with the answer to the question on the roads in his constituency PP-145 what the PS claimed had been completed. The member said though the construction was approved in 2008, the roads were still incomplete and sought the chair’s help to set up a committee over the issue. The chair asked him to lead the probe.

The house got another hilarious moment when Dhillo, to a question on the Behria Town projects, first expressed his ignorance and later gave details. But, the questioner found the answer wrong and an exchange of words started which even prompted the chair to intervene in. Murtaza put a supplementary question about any authority or mechanism over plots.

He said he himself was victim of Green Villas. Dissatisfied Murtaza taunted the the secretary, who paid him back in the coin through such indecent remarks that chair had to expunge both of them. The chair said that the people elected the members to get their problems solved but here and thin appearance and attitude of the present ones showed how much serious they were. Yet to another question on UC Kolian Shah, Dhillo said that it had been set on a land given by a philanthropist Mian Amjad. But the questioner told the House that the office has in fact been housed in Dera of the person after it was constructed on the government expenses, making the secretary speechless.

The subsequent question was on the incomplete roads of Chiniot on which Hassan Murtaza of the Opposition tried to gill the government, alleging that funds of these schemes had been diverted to the construction of billions of rupees Metro Bus Service.

Taking adjournment motions, Parliamentary Secretary Tahir Khalil Sidhu told the house that action had been taken against the delinquent persons apart from replacing the MS and other doctors while a system has been put in place to eliminate rats, cats and dogs in the Rawalpindi Holy Family Hospital.

About cough syrup deaths, Sindhu said the syrup has not been found expired yet samples of it have been sent for test and report is awaited. He said medical report says that death had been caused by excessive use and more than the required doze. About To another against the sale of contaminated milk, it was denied that impure or chemical mixed milk was under sale. Sidhu said Food Department has set up teams which intercept the milk sellers on the main entry points to the city and test their milk. He said if found bad for the health, the milk is drained out on the spot and action is taken. The Chair called for report on next week on a motion which sought elimination of the bogus and unautorised newspapers which allure the young people to service but do not pay to ultimately lead them to take extreme action. The mover had based the motion on a report wherein lady reporter of such publication had committed suicide after she was not paid for service. The session has been adjourned until Monday.