ISLAMABAD - President Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) Doda Khan Bhutto last year promised to organise the third and last edition of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Championship, boasting "even if I have to soldmyself for organising the event."

But after getting millions of rupees from the government and passage of almost one year since the second edition of the holding of said event, there are no signs of holding of the championship.

The federation owes millions of rupees to different organisations, who were hired by the PBF to render their services for holding the second edition of the event and despite repeated promises to clear the dues nothing has been done in this regard.

Doda Bhutto kept on breaking promises one after another in this regard.He took huge amounts from the PSB in the form of cheques and deposited them into his personal accounts. But when it comes to clearing the long overdue bills, he kept on using delaying tactics and even used abusive language and threatened of dire consequences to the vendors. Infightings between Doda and PBF secretary Akram Khan is no secret from anyone.The tussle to control the affairs of the federation has resulted in tremendous loss of the boxers, who were deprived of national and international events.Who is supposed to question Doda for his wrong doings and bringing bad name to the country? Doda should be held answerable for collecting millions funds and not even bothered to clear the dues.

Doda, during the Second Benazir Shaheed International Boxing Championship, said he had not received a single penny help from the government and criticised the then prime minister Syed YousafRazaGilani and ruling party ministers and even their members for disrespecting the slain leader and not bothering to attend the championship.He went in public to unleash his anger against the PPP government, but after succeeding in getting the funds of millions of rupees from the government, he suddenly changed his tune.

Who would listen to the sufferings of the vendors, who are still waiting to get their payments cleared even after almost one year since the championship was held?

And to make things worst Doda has now decided to hold elections of the federation and that too secretly in Lahore on 20th of this month as he feared a backlash for his wrongdoings and serious differences with the secretary by completely ignoring rules and regulations clearly mentioned in the federation's laws.

Doda didn't even bother to convene the executive committee, which is essential for holding the elections and has asked all the interested candidates to send their nominations through personal email address of president till 16th, which is a gross violation of the PBF constitution.Though president has the constitutional right to convene the meeting but it should be done through secretary and three weeks in advance.

 Doda never bothered to honour any promises he had made.It was agreed in principal after serious financial irregularities, that WaqarMaroof, VP of the federation, who is also the president of KPK Boxing Association, would be consulted before taking any financial or administrative decisions.But Waqar was never in the picture ever since, and sources have further confirmed that Dodaeven did not inform Waqar before announcing the elections schedule.

By virtue of seriousness of the issue, it is the national duty of Pakistan Olympic Association and Pakistan Sports Board to immediately call off the elections and a detailed inquiry should be carried out into the matter and culprit must be given exemplary punishment and save boxing from further destruction.