ISLAMABAD – The 18-member governing body of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) could not take any decision regarding the appointment of its Executive Director and left the decision to the Supreme Court that has been hearing a petition against the removal of former ED Sohail Naqvi.

Hundreds of HEC employees, who had gathered outside the meeting’s venue, barred the Commission members to take any decision in favour of the removed ED Sohail Naqvi.

The regular HEC employees chanted slogans against HEC Chairman Dr. Javaid Laghari for misguiding the members of the Commission and stopping them from accepting the Prime Minister’s order, who is the controlling authority of HEC. They demanded that the Chairman HEC must resign because he was openly supporting illegal extension in the tenure of Dr. Sohail Naqvi. 

Earlier, the Chairman had withdrawn his notification issued to accept the appointment of the new ED Qamar Zaman by the Prime Minister and refused to accept him as ED saying that the notification was issued without the approval of the Commission, and the Commission members asked him to withdraw the notification. But in the meeting here here on Friday, the Commission could not decide anything and left the decision of ED’s appointment to the apex court due to the pressure of the permanent employees and the opposition of a few Commission members against Sohail Naqvi’s extension.

The employees were of the view that in a bid to get an edge in the Supreme Court’s hearing set for this Monday, Chairman HEC very cleverly restrained the Members of HEC’s governing body to take any decisive step regarding illegal extension given to Dr. Sohail Naqvi.

Rather than deciding on the lingering issue of Dr. Sohail Naqvi’s illegal appointment, HEC’s governing body referred the case to the apex court. It may be mentioned here that Chairman HEC’s letter in which he had accepted the Establishment Division’s notification has already been produced in the Supreme Court in its last hearing.

Fearful of the fact that the Supreme Court will endorse Government’s notification for Sohail Naqvi’s removal, Dr. Laghari changed his own stance after two days of Court’s hearing, arguing that he did not consult Commission members before accepting the government’s decision. However, he once again changed his mind and rather than taking any decision from members of the Commission, he left it to the Supreme Court to decide.

However, the Chairman maintains that the Commission stands by its earlier decision in which it had extended the tenure of Sohail Naqvi as ED.