At a time when he should have rather spearheaded the campaign for Kalabagh Dam’s construction, -- all the more so in view of the LHC decision in its favour -- PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif seems almost to have backed down from his earlier position. In a public gathering in a district of Dadu, he proclaimed that since the Kalabagh Dam has become history, the PPP should not do politics over it. The project, he said, cannot be initiated without Sindh’s consent. One expects the PML-N leader, to be making a real effort towards convincing the people of Sindh as well as of the KPK, who have made it a prestige issue, of the urgency of constructing the dam.If ever there was a time that the country was in need of this reservoir, and that it was a hot subject, it is now; the growing energy requirement and food security cannot be ensured without it. And the people know it. Major developments such as the LHC orders, former Prime Minister Gilani’s statements and many other national leaders and scientists showing agreement to it form a collective opinion that ought to be respected. The meaning of the consensus should be first of all understood; if that means certain groups raising a fuss without a large following and who are opposing it without sensible arguments then they should be considered simply as political opportunists. The current approach is neither in sync with the LHC orders nor the energy needs of the country.