The authorities have yet again written a letter to the Interpol asking for the arrest and repatriation of General Musharraf. The letter contains the explanation that Mr Musharraf is absconding and is wanted by the FIA. This time around, the authorities ought to have done their homework. A reason why Interpol did not act on our previous request is because of the possibility that the letter did not contain any credible evidence. The exact reasons were not revealed. One hopes that its conditions have now been met. The Interpol is a professional crime fighting department working internationally to help arrest dangerous criminals. As of now, it would be difficult to get Musharraf without its cooperation, which is now only possible if the government presents enough proof backed up by investigations. Without that there is not much chance; more or less the Interpol would regard the case as sufficiently weak to handcuff the General. On our own part, the Benazir’s murder probe for which he is wanted remains subject to various hitches amid controversies as well. And as such, the case is still going on in the court. So unless the loose ends at our own end are taken care of, Interpol would continue to point loopholes and excuses for not making the arrest.