LAHORE – While international standard cleanliness operations are replacing the old cleaning in the City, Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) in collaboration with World Wild Life Fund (WWF) is all set to reach 10,000 students cross Pakistan to educate them on proper waste disposal and its positive impacts on human health and environment.

For the first time in history of country, a waste management company is reaching students to sensitize the on waste issues.

An MoU was signed between LWMC and WWF at WWF’s head office. LWMC MD Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry and WWF Director General Ali Habib signed the MoU with an aim to provide students firsthand knowledge of improved systems of cleanliness as well as basic information on safe handling of waste. WWF’s published book ‘Spellathon’ will be distributed among 10,000 students of various schools in Pakistan and later on quiz and spelling competitions will be arranged for ensuring complete follow up of the plan. 

The book is an insight into the modern system of cleaning in Lahore, waste handling and treatment, recycling and reuse of waste and above all the impacts of proper waste disposal on environment. LWMC teams will reach the schools involved for awareness lectures, latest machinery’s introduction and demonstration and special week celebrations in regards with solid waste management.

The spellathon book titled ‘Recycling Waste’ will be reaching schools in January 2013 and the program will continue till August next year. Almost 200 hundred schools across the country will be touched during the spellathon program. The school faculties and administration staff will be sensitized alike on proper and safe waste management ways. Special animations, documentaries, quiz, presentations and demonstration session are a part of the plan while health and hygiene specialists, communication experts, waste management experts and other stakeholders will also be participating in the awareness sessions to be held by LWMC in all the schools involved.

“Waste management has become extremely important in today’s world as environment and health depends on safe waste disposal. It’s vital to make students and young generation aware of their roles in keeping the surroundings clean and waste free. Once the community in whole understands and complies with the international practices of safe waste disposal, the cities will be clean automatically”, Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry, MD LWMC said after the ceremony. Ali Habib from WWF said that he was hopeful that the book will bring about the much needed change in the sanitation situation of the cities in Pakistan by creating waste related awareness.