FAISALABAD - Romano Emanuelli and Luggie Tassulli, Italian experts at clean alternative energies and working on solar energy projects have said that Italy is a small country but it is rich in solar energy potential like Pakistan. They said that Pakistan was a purely textile-producing country and its industry consumed 1 million kw electricity annually. We can facilitate Pakistan with solar energy to come out of prevailing energy crisis and meet its power demands.Talking to The Nation here on Thursday, the Italian experts said that they had been working on different solar energy projects in Punjab after an MoU signed by the Punjab CM. We have already sold a solar energy panel equipped with 3.8 MW electricity generation capacity to the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and would work on more projects like solar energy tube-wells and other agriculture based machinery is in progress," the pointed out.They argued that the Punjab government had demanded the generation of 1,500 to 2,000 MW of solar electricity and if they were facilitated with timely financial support this target can be met in a befitting manner.Romano Emanuelli and Luggie Tassulli claimed that investment in solar energy projects and government support would be instrumental for the securing the future of Pakistan. Both the experts stated that they were striving hard to find financial support and currently were receiving good response from investors in solar energy projects.They were of the view that people abroad taught Pakistan as a dangerous country but reality was different from this "smokescreen" created to hide the real face of this lively country. "Pakistani people are in fact very nice, loving and caring and there is nothing worrisome about them," they elaborated.The Italian experts pointed out that agriculture sector in Pakistan was very well mannered like that of Italy which was the best across Europe.They mentioned that the youth was the future of Pakistan and they were getting involved the youth in solar energy projects to enable them tackle future challenges and help them gain expertise in the field.Romano Emanuelli and Luggie Tassulli stressed that like their country Italy, Pakistan needed to develop some infrastructure for solar energy projects as alternative energy was not only the future mode of production but it also help eliminate pollution which had become a major problem for Pakistan.The Italian experts declared that energy was the life for industry, trade, agriculture and people of any country and therefore one would have to adopt comprehensive strategies to secure the future regarding energy sector.They pointed out that though solar energy was expensive initially, yet it was the cheapest in the longer run.They narrated that they had managed technology from Europe but local engineers would have to be involved to build their capacity of practical work.They claimed that if solar energy plants were installed the electricity price would decrease from the prevailing prices of Wapda after 15 years.They said they wished that Pakistani engineers get expertise in solar energy technology as soon as possible.