KARACHI - Ten senior officials of Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) have requisitioned a meeting of the Executive Committee at Islamabad on December 16 to decide holding of the quadrennial elections of the federation on December 20 at Lahore in a fair and proper manner, it was learnt here Friday.

The 16-member executive committee will discuss various issues related to the elections and would try to take steps that would legalise elections which have been allegedly illegally called by PBF president Doda Khan Bhutto. They have also advised Doda to preside over the convened meeting. PBF secretary Akram Khan and a senior official Ali Akber Shah, who are members of the committee but fell afoul of the president on the financial matters, will also attend the meeting.

The committee is expected to endorse the December 20 as the election and likely to discuss the financial matters which had created bad blood amongst the officials and members of the PBF. Serious allegations of directly getting millions of rupees released by Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) had been levelled against a top official of the Federation.

The committee may also finalise a consensus penal for the coming elections that may free the federations from all the controversies that were generated due to financial matters and would enquire from person or persons to explain where has the millions released by the PSB are gone. The committee is expected for the first time to discuss how the cheques issued by the PSB were transferred into a personal account and not in the account of the PBF and how the funds from the PBF were transferred in a personal account of a top official allegedly in collusion with a senior official of the bank.