QUETTA - Two passenger planes escaped a midair collision over Pasni on Friday.

According to sources, international flight No 241 was flying from Abu Dhabi to Lahore while the other No 622 was on its way from Dubai to Lahore when the disaster was averted after aircraft collision avoidance system was activated which alerted the pilots.

“Radar system at Pasni had developed some fault and was malfunctioning for the past few months, while the airplanes were making flights without radar system,” they said, adding that both the aircraft had come closer to a collision but the aircraft collision avoidance system activated which alerted the pilots.

“Both the flights were flying at 34,000-feet altitude,” they added.

Sources said the audio frequency was not functioning properly and communication between the pilot and the air-controller was not taking place at regular intervals.

Agencies add: The Etihad Airways’ flights were flying over Pasni at 1am on Friday morning when the incident occurred.

There were no reports about the number of passengers on the two aircraft.