ISLAMABAD  – Several roads broken and deteriorated after recent spell of monsoon rains are causing serious troubles for the motorists and other road users in the Federal Capital. 

After recent spell of rains, different roads have been broken and even big cracks could be seen posing a serious threat to the vehicles and their drivers.

The road from NDC to 7 Up Chowk being used by heavy traffic presents an ugly look as it has been deteriorated and turned into pieces after the rains.

“Road near I-10/3 industrial area is very bad shape and several vehicles have met with the accidents,” said Talha Nadeem, a motorist who lives in I-10/2 Sector and uses this road for attending his office in Blue Area.

He said during the rainy spell, the road turns into a pond and the drivers cannot spot the big holes in the roads and as a result they damage their vehicles.

A taxi driver informed that there are also big holes in the center of the road in front of H-9 College and said the concerned authorities are not interested in the rehabilitation of the road which is being used by hundreds of people.

The traffic coming from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and G.T. Road from Taxila side have also been directed to Kashmir Highway and 10th Avenues causing more traffic jams.

When contacted an official of CDA informed that maintenance of all the roads is carried out on regular basis.

He said the CDA officials immediately repair such roads as and when required.

As the Winter shower has lashed twin cities since Thursday, it has paralysed the business, complained traders community.

Nisar Ahmed Langha, a president of a local market union told scribe that business was already going down due to load-shading of electricity, gas, falling mercury and moreover rain had made the customers hostages within four walls of their houses.

He informed that the sale of warm clothes, dry fruits and snacks like ‘pakoray, samosay, soups, boil eggs, jalaibi’ were a demand of the weather but rest of the commodities were waiting for their buyers.

In a general survey of various bazaars of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, people said that they felt comfortable in indoor activities such as watching television instead of roaming for shopping or dinning outside in a rainy and chilly climate.