ISLAMABAD - The Senate was informed on Friday that rules of civil servants debar the dual nationality holders to be a government servant, except of those who get appointment against some post in the Pakistan missions' abroad on temporary basis.

In written reply to a question asked by Senator Syeda Sughra Imam, the House was informed that Civil Servants Rules 1973 provide that a candidate for appointment in civic services shall be a citizen of Pakistan. But this requirement, the Pakistani citizenship, may be relaxed with the approval of the Establishment Division in case of candidates to be appointed on temporary basis to posts in the Pakistan Missions abroad, the written reply stated. The reply reads, "Such relaxation shall not be accorded for a period exceeding one year at a time."

The House was further informed that Rules of Competitive Examination (CSS) 2009 provide that a candidate having dual nationality must surrender his/ her other nationality/ nationalities and inform the government about it before joint Civil Services Academy. The question was not discussed on the floor of the House.

Meanwhile, an unwarranted war of words between the Chairman Senate and the Leader of the House in Senate on Thursday - where both of them underscored each other's responsibility in terms of ensuring concerned ministers' and senior bureaucrats presence in the House - amused many but in the meantime it projected the sorrow state of affairs of this prestigious forum.

Though the federal cabinet - after the passage of landmark 18th Constitutional Amendment - is answerable to the prestigious Upper House of the Parliament - but the PPP-led federal government that proudly takes the credit of this Amendment is being conceived as its biggest violator by the legislators, including leader of the House, in the Senate.

Absence of concerned ministers to respond to the queries of the legislators during question-hour session of the House is not a new phenomenon. But now the officials and officers of the concerned ministries - who stand responsible to brief the ministers over their relevant questions and answers - apparently influenced by the indifferent attitude of ministers towards the Senate have now also started extending a cold shoulder to the House.

On Friday, most of the questions asked by the Senators were relating to the Cabinet Division. Though, Leader of the House representing the Prime Minister was present in the House to answer the questions but he looked helpless when he conceded before the House that officials of the Cabinet Division had not briefed him about questions and their answers.

"The officials were asked to brief me but they did not appear for briefing," Mr Badar said. On that Chairman Senate Nayyar Hussain Bokhari deplored the state of affairs saying it was unfortunate to note that the officials of the ministry were even reluctant to brief the ministers who are supposed to answer the queries of the honourable senators. Nayyar Bokhari on the occasion observed that Leader of the House should take the grave issue with the Prime Minister.

"The attitude of officers is tantamount to disgrace not only the Leader of the House but also the entire House," Chairman Senate observed.

In the meantime, Nayyar Bokhari asked Jehangir Badar that if he was not briefed properly then why he accepted the responsibility to answer the questions.

The situation irked Badar, who on the occasion tried to shift his responsibilities in the capacity of Leader of the House to Chairman Senate.

"Sir you are the custodian of the house. You should take responsibility and put your foot down," Badar observed. On that Chairman Senate remarked, "Why you (Mr Badar) want to shift the responsibility of the executive to me."

Jehangir Badar flouted the idea of summoning the higher officials of the concerned ministry but at the same time he apprehended that in near past ANP's Zahid Khan had issued warrants of an officer, but the Chairman Senate Secretariat intervened and withheld the same.

"This might happen that I issue warrants of any federal secretary or equivalent, and I am asked to stop the process," Badar said. However, the saga concluded when Chairman Senate deferred the questions pertaining to the Cabinet.