Dr Imran Farooq’s gruesome murder on Sept 16, 2010 has remained unresolved. Britain’s prime detective agency, Scotland Yard has failed in hunting down his killers. Similarly, Scotland Yard’s performance in investigating Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was exceptionally poor. The world renown agency’s boys, with hi-tech cameras, laptops, and binoculars around their necks, roamed about the streets near Liaquat Bhagh and climbed over neighboring buildings, but there was no tangible outcome. They made merry and left, denting our taxpayers. But Dr Farooq was murdered in Scotland Yard’s own backyard, yet the detectives failed to nab the killers. Many Pakistanis think the agency is a fake; it has a big name but low performance, hence a dead load on British taxpayers. I suggest the UK government to set James Bond 007 after Farooq’s murderers because that’s the only option left. Bond with a damsel in tow will sniff out the killers like a pointer dog. Or are we now paying in pounds to such an esteemed institute to hide all our crimes? Scotland Yard needs to look at its dismal performance.DR A. P. SANGDIL,Oslo, Norway, December 10.