The Suddle Commission formed by Supreme Court of Pakistan has concluded its deliberations with findings that two individuals involved were found to have evaded tax to the tune of Rs120 billion and Rs 50 million individually. Tax evasion is considered to be the biggest financial crime against a modern state, because it leads to depriving it of funds necessary for provision of health, education, welfare, basic infrastructure necessary to provide justice and maintain law and order. Yet in spite of these serious repercussions, this crime is being pushed under the carpet by remarks that it is a dispute between two individuals. This is not a dispute between individuals, but between the state of Pakistan and criminals involved in evading tax. The state seems to be already collapsing in Pakistan, where more funds are collected through extortion from traders in Karachi, than is collected legally by FBR. Either the writ of law reigns supreme, or else we will assume that only ‘fools and little people’ pay taxes in this country, a view which an American billionaire Leona Helmsley once dared to express and ended up facing imprisonment for tax evasion.MALIK TARIQ ALI,USA,  December 10.