LAKKI MARWAT - Speakers at a training session on importance of iodised salt have called upon the salt processors to install salt iodisation equipment in their salt processing units to ensure availability of iodised salt in the local market.

Mirconutrient Initiative, an NGO, with the collaboration of district health department held a one-day training session for salt processors at the district headquarters hospital on Friday. Speakers included EDO health Dr Abdul Ghaffar Wazir, DDO health Dr Abdul Rehman, MS DHQ hospital Dr Mashal Khan, District FOOD Inspector Ziaullah Khan and MI representative Sadiq Hussain.

They gave detailed lectures to the salt factories owners on usefulness of iodised salt in daily diet and said that the salt factories had a vital role in ensuring availability of the commodity in local market. “The micronutrient initiative has provided drip feeders and pottassium iodate on subsidised rates to salt processing units to help them to prepare and produce iodised salt”, they told.

They said that the production and sale of non-iodised salt was strictly banned, therefore the salt factories owners should avoid preparing non-iodised commodity.

They said that the consumption of non-iodised salt could cause complications and disorders in human beings especially in women and children.

“The use of iodised salt in daily diet is helpful to overcome goiter, dawrfness, miscarragies, physical growth and mental retardation, growth and other disorders”, they maintained.

They added that district administration would ensure implementation on relevant laws regarding ban on production and sale of non-iodised salt, as iodine deficiency was a major public health problem in our country.

APP reports: The patriotic and peace-loving tribesmen of Kurram Agency have frustrated designs of the terrorists and changed the atmosphere prevailing in the agency.

The anti-state elements used every tactic to destroy the existing peaceful environment which indicated that terrorists and miscreants have no place in the agency, said Turi tribal elders Haji Hamid Hussain, Haji Nooroz Ali, Malik Bakht Jamal Bangash, Malik Mirzaman Bangash and other speakers gathered at a condolence meeting to condole the assassination of Noor Jamal killed in an ambush in the agency the other day.

The speakers said that accused involved in this brutal act could not escape from the law adding the tribal people have offered great sacrifices for maintaining peace in the Kurram agency which they would not allow to go waste at any cost.

They appealed to the elders of all the tribes to point out mischievous elements in their ranks and files to the administration. They also urged the administration to conduct foolproof inquiry into the killing of the tribal elder.

Speaking briefly on the occasion, Assistant Political Agents Javedullah and Jamil Kazmi said that terrorists were out to destabilize peace in the agency but the administration was fully alert to foil their efforts. They assured that those involved in the killing of Noor Jamal would soon be arrested.