MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Villagers of Lakhnewala, Chak Fateh Shah, Kot Baloch and Shaheedanwali have expressed anger against the PML-N led Punjab government for not repairing the single road that connects their villages with the city. They said that during the tenure of present government no development project could be executed in their area."Big potholes and rough surface make it a tough task for the passenger vans and other vehicles including tractor-trolleys that often bog down in the middle of the roads," they said. "Motorists have to endure bumpy drive and often loose control that results in accidents," they added They said that several complaints had been made to the authorities concerned but to no avail. A philanthropist, Faiz Ahmed Qureshi said that condition of the roads in the area was pathetic but the authority concerned least bothered about it. He informed that some time back funds were allocated for road repairing but were utilized in other schemes by the local PML-N leaders.He said that danger of any mishap always loomed because shoulders of the Chelianwala Rajbah, which runs on right side of the road, were broken and were not repaired since long. He said that large potholes on the roads had turned into danger traps that had developed following incessant rains and lack of maintenance. In rainy season, he said, pedestrians had to wade through mud and water that accumulated in the potholes on the road.  Sugarcane loaded trolleys often breakdown on roads that results in prolonged traffic jams for days, he said. People of the area demanded the Punjab CM to take notice of their difficulties and order the authorities concerned to repair the road.