HYDERABAD  - Pakistan Muslim League-Functional leader Pir Syed Sabghatullah Shah Rashdi has said his party supports a united Sindh and a united Pakistan, and wants to see the nation and country safe and prosperous.

He said this while addressing a public rally here on Friday. He said they had joined the coalition government to get the issues of the people of Sindh resolved; however, when they felt that the government was not sincere in this regard, they decided to leave the setup. He said they left the government as it was the matter of principles.

This was the first speech of Pir Pagara to any political rally and so far the biggest public meeting of the PML-F against the dual local government system in Sindh.  He said the sitting rulers have failed to give any relief to people of the country. He said the dual local government system in Sindh province is a grave conspiracy against the people of this province. He said his party categorically rejected the controversial Sindh People’s Local Government Act.

Pir Pagara said the rulers have failed to stop targeted killings in Karachi where 10 to 15 people are being gunned down every day. He said corruption has reached the peak and every day four to seven billion rupees are being shifted aboard. He said the Pakistan People’s Party—led government has played havoc with the country. He asked what the corrupt rulers have left for the new government that would come after the next general election.

He said the government has even failed to given homes to the people who become homeless in heavy floods and rain during last three years. He said they have no problems with the Urdu-speaking people, or the people of other provinces who have settled in Sindh. He said, “We want justice and honour for everyone. He regretted that the people of Sindh are neither given justice nor honour. He said the educated youths of the province have been facing immense problems, but the rulers have no programme to provide them any guidance.

He said these educated youths are like the missiles with no direction. He said the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has to live in Sindh and the Sindhi people have to live with the MQM. He said all the people of Sindh irrespective of what language they speak are Sindhis. He said a political game is being played to compel the MQM sitting on the opposition benches.

He said the vested interests are lying with the people of Sindh on the issue of Kalabagh Dam. He said this is not a dam project but a barrage project with provision of new canals. He said this project is not acceptable for the people of Sindh. He reminded that the funds for Kalabagh project were allotted in the tenure of the government of Pakistan People’s Party. He said where it was written that only Kalabagh Dam should be made to store water. He said this project is now a dead horse and no effort should be made to enliven it.

He said he has asked the intellectual and political leaders of his party to draft a new manifesto of his party. He said education and particularly education of girls would be their top priority. He said how the country could progress if the nation did not give education to girls.

In the end of his address, Pir Pagara prayed for the safety and solidarity of Pakistan and its people. He prayed for solution to the problems of poor people and increase in their earnings.

Hundreds of thousands of people attended the PML-F rally and raised loud slogans against the dual local government system in Sindh province.