OHIO, US-They are unlikely playmates but this cheetah and dog couldn’t resist playing together in the snow at an Ohio zoo this week. The adorable footage shows Savannah the cheetah and Max the Labrador playfully chasing after each other in an enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo.

The idea of a cheetah and dog running together may sound like a bad idea, but the pair have been playmates since they were cub and puppy. In the video Savannah is seen chasing Max around an enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo and pouncing on him in some bushes. The exuberant Labrador appeared to have more energy than his cheetah friend and, as Savannah caught her breath, he leaped through the air and into her, before the pair tore off again.  Max is part of a program that uses companion dogs to give cheetahs born in captivity more confidence. Many of the cheetahs living in captivity find it hard to relate to other big cats, and safari parks were struggling with breeding programs for the endangered species. But when San Diego Zoo started pairing the big cats with dogs about 30 years ago it marked the start of a beautiful friendship.