LAHORE - PTI chief Imran Khan has announced to move court against an alleged rigging plan of the ruling PML-N to steal the local government elections.

The Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman demanded that local elections should be held under the supervision of the judiciary as no political party other than the PML-N would accept the results of polls overseen by the district administrations.

He was addressing a press conference at his residence on Saturday, on the occasion of joining of notable PML-N leaders from Faisalabad and Kasur districts. Former PML-N MPs Sardar Tufail Ahmed Khan and Chaudhry Ilyas Gujjar from Kasur and Dr Khalid Imtiaz Baloch from Faisalabad announced joining the PTI along with their supporters.

Imran said, “I wonder why the local polls are not held under the supervision of the judiciary when it is an open secret that PML-N has planned to steal the LG polls.” Recalling the rigging during general elections, 2013, he remarked that he could not expect free and transparent local elections under the incumbent Punjab rulers.

The PTI chief said that rigging practices of the ruling party would surface the day Supreme Court ordered thumb impression verification of the votes in the four constituencies identified by his party to ascertain the transparency of the general elections. He asked why the PML-N runs for a stay order against the thumb impression verification if it had carried no foul play in the general elections.

Imran said, “We will go to the Supreme Court on Monday (tomorrow) with the hope of justice against the rigging.” He added, “The incumbent rulers should declare a civilian dictatorship in the country if they don’t believe in democracy as a better system of governance.”

He said that nobody could defeat the PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if it conducts the local polls under the supervision of the district administration. He announced that his party would introduce biometric system for conducting the local elections in KPK if no political party expressed concern over the system.

PTI chief said, “The people who claimed that the tide of tsunami exist no more will witness the rise of a new tsunami on December 22 during PTI’s historical protest against price-hike in Lahore.”

He said that JI chief Syed Munawar Hassan, Awami Muslim League head Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and members of civil society would attend December 22 protest. He also appealed to the people of Punjab to take part in the protest in large numbers to press the rulers for reversing their monetary policies dictated by the international monetary organisations.

Commenting over the role of JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman in the current political scenario, Imran claimed that he sees no proactive role of JUI-F chief in the near future.