ISLAMABAD  - The Board of Investment (BOI) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa hosted a session with Korean experts at the Pakhtunkhwa House with a view to put the backward province on a strong footing for development.

Besides a large number of MPs, PTI Chairman Imran Khan participated while Korean Ambassador in Islamabad Prof. Song Jong, a renowned economic expert from Korea Prof. Sung-Hee Jwa, Vice Chairma BOI, KP Mohsin Aziz and honorary Consular of Korea in Peshawar Afan Aziz spoke on the occasion.

On this occasion, Prof. Sung-Hee Jwa delivered a detailed lecture on different stages of development of Korea and the strategies adopted by them to make the small country having got independence after Pakistan, has been converted into the euphemistically called one of the “Asian tiger”, of course an economic miracle. He pointed out that unless specifically required, the government did not manipulate the market and thus Korean companies were enabled to compete at the international level.