The Federal Capital, Islamabad has become infamous for being the city where adulteration of food items is the order of the day. Adulterated items flooding the markets, particularly, adulterated milk has claimed several lives while countless people have been confined to hospitals.

Although, a plethora of laws and departments exist but unfortunately nothing is being done to protect the public from poisonous and harmful foods. Virtually nothing is being done to prevent the sale of substandard foods; nothing is being done to protect the interests of the consumers by eliminating fraudulent practices.

However, a recent survey reveals that Islamabad has an alarming ratio of people suffering from stomach cramps and other diseases due to consumption of adulterated and substandard food items. It is noticed that people in Islamabad spend a major share of their home budget and that of salary on medicine than other necessary requirements for the family members. But then the medicine they take make matters worse as often times the drugs are counterfeit. Where should the people turn to?

Denizens of Isloo are falling victims to the shamelessness, insensitivity and greed of the vendors and greedy merchants for minting money who sell them adulterated, substandard items at inflated rates while there is no check over them. Thus, the Parliamentarians are requested to do some sort of legislation or perhaps there are already so many laws just gathering dust; it is only that they are never implemented, followed or obeyed. That is the dilemma of the land of the pure.


Islamabad, December 13.