LAHORE  - Dacoits shot dead two men in Lahore on early Saturday for putting up resistance against armed robberies, which are on the rise across the Punjab province.

Police sources said that armed bandits riding on motorcycles killed two men as they offered resistance during road robberies in the Gujjarpura police vicinity.

Four gunmen riding on two motorcycles stopped 45-year-old, Muhammad Riaz, in the China Scheme in Gujjarpura police limits and demanded cash and valuables at gunpoint.

The resident of Amin Park, Riaz, just had left his house for work in the morning when the bandits intercepted his motorcycle. As he tried to make hue and cry in the residential locality, the bandits shot at him and fled away after snatching cash and valuables. The motorcyclist sustained a bullet in the chest and died no the spot.

Minutes later, the same gangsters held up another motorcyclist at gunpoint in the same area and demanded cash and valuables. But the man, identified as Muhammad Ramzan, 50, also offered resistance and tried to overpower the bandits when they opened straight fire at him. The robbers fled away after collecting cash and valuables while the injured person was rushed to a hospital, where he succumbed to bullet wounds. The police arrived at the crime scene when the robbers had escaped. Police have removed the bodies to the morgue for autopsy and are investigating with no arrest made yet.

Fear and terror has gripped the entire Gujjarpura area, where the scared families have virtually confined themselves to their residences. A good number of local residents gathered at the crime scene and expressed serious concerns over the worsening law and order situation in the provincial metropolis. They were of the view that the PML-N government has failed to provide protection to the lives and properties of the public.

The street crimes and law and order situation in the provincial capital is worsening day by day. Gangsters are looting the motorists, families, and passersby with impunity while the surge in house robberies has also sent a shocking wave among the citizens.

Apart from brutal killings, the bandits on Saturday hit the Punjab metropolis for more than 25 times and snatched away cash, gold ornaments, cellular phones, and other valuables worth millions of rupees.

During the previous week, armed bandits struck the provincial capital for more than 250 times successfully and made off with cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth Rs850 million. The gunmen also took away 35 cars and no less than 100 motorcycles from different parts of the City, thanks to the police and government for leaving the Lahorites at the mercy of the dacoits.

In the Punjab province, killings on resistance during armed robberies are emerging as the most serious threat to pubic since the police are unable to smash the gangs of rogue criminals who are on the loose and striking with impunity.

According to police statistics, more than 45 citizens including women and children were murdered by dacoits on putting up resisting in the first ten months of 2013 in various parts of Punjab.

According to the sources, more than 300 robberies including house robberies are taking place every day in the largest Punjab province. They say the police are reporting only 25 per cent of the total crimes incidents in order to show “good work” in the official record.

They believe the police deliberately hush up armed robberies which take place in the rural areas and small districts while the complainants are harassed when they approach the police stations for the registration of armed robberies. In the Punjab province more than 95,000 proclaimed offenders (POs) including hardened criminals involved in multiple killings, robberies, and other gun crimes are at large since the police are unable to launch a successful crackdown. Tens of thousands of Proclaimed Offenders wanted to the police in the cases of heinous crimes are also at large in Lahore alone.

In a province where more than 332728 cases of crimes have been registered during the first ten month of this year, the law enforcement agency is relying on typical methods of investigations. According to a senior public prosecutor, most of the police investigators fail to submit evidences in the courts against the accused particularly in robbery cases. Therefore, many criminals are acquitted because of faulty investigations. The police only rely on torture methods to force the accused to confess the crimes, no matter he committed it or not.

The police would have to work on modern lines to investigate the cases of heinous crimes not only to hunt down the criminals but also to provide relief to the public.

The government should take serious measures to downgrade rising crimes rate in the most populated province where the police, so far, have already reported above 85000 cases of crimes against property including dacoities, robberies and auto-lifting.