Former federal minister for information and senior PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has criticised the government on the issue of delimitations for local government elections, saying pre-poll rigging has been done through DCOs.

“The members of assembly belonging to the ruling party have got restructured the constituencies as they desired, but let me tell them that the PPP will fully contest the local government polls and defeat them,” he claimed while talking to the journalists here outside the residence of late senator Malik Salahuddin Dogar on Saturday.

He declared that the PPP would defend Gilani at all platforms. “We’re not afraid of arrests. We’ve every right to defend ourselves,” he added. Kaira said that the Prime Minister was the Chief Executive of the country and therefore he had the powers to make appointments. He said that the PPP eliminated the politics of hatred from the country in light of vision of Benazir Bhutto shaheed. He added that the PPP promoted the politics of tolerance and extended free hand to the government on its positive moves. “Although Mian Nawaz Sharif appeared before the courts personally in memo-gate scandal instead of his attorneys but we’ll still support government on its positive actions,” he declared. He warned that the PPP would stand by the masses, if it felt that the actions of government hurt the interests of public.

Referring to removal of Chairman Nadra, he said that his termination in the darkness of night was a highly condemnable act on part of the government and PPPP was strongly opposed to it. “It is an attempt to conceal massive rigging committed during recent general elections,” he alleged.

He strongly criticised government for increasing inflation and price hike, saying the current government printed as many currency notes in just six months as the PPP printed during its five year regime. He said that the prices of daily-use items and edibles registered manifolds increase as a result of which the life of a common man became highly miserable.

To a query, he said that the government’s strategy on terrorism completely failed. “The process of talks has stopped while the government itself is highly confused on this topic,” he maintained. He claimed that Imran Khan had also entered into a closed alley on the issue of terrorism. He said that the time had proved that the policy of PPPP on terrorism was right. He said that the USA was an imperialist hooligan but the PPP blocked its march.

Referring to the trial of former president Musharraf, the former federal minister said that it was a right step in right direction and the PPP would fully support the government on this issue. He drew the attention of the government towards Musharraf’s October 99 action, saying it was real treason and the government should not keep silent on this topic. Online adds: former information minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the PPP was not engaged in “Noora Kushti” with government but was pursuing policy of reconciliation to stabilise federation.

To a question he said that country had fallen victim to terrorism and the incumbent government failed to hold dialogue with Taliban despite having been mandated by all political parties. By not holding talks with the Taliban government is strengthening forces opposed to it, he added. He alleged that government had become hostage in the hands of Taliban. Imran Khan was also standing with the forces which are lending support to status quo.

“Our stance is very clear on drone strikes and US is imperialistic rogue. The government should adopt a clear stand point on terrorism and tell the people what it wants”, he remarked.

Interference of anti Pakistan forces and India has increased in the wake of the sit-ins being staged by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), he claimed.