Federal Minister for Information and Broadcast, Pervaiz Rashid, on Sunday lashed out at PTI chief Imran Khan, blaming him for carrying out ‘drone attacks’ on the economic and democratic system of Pakistan.

“All indicators show economic recovery of Pakistan. This is why the IMF has expressed confidence for improvement in Pakistan's economy. It is the result of PML-N government's efforts and policies,” claimed the minister at a press conference here.

“When the present government took over‚ there was energy crisis‚ economic and law and order related challenges, but we accepted these challenges by devising an effective strategy,” Rashid said.

Elaborating on government’s ‘achievements’, the minister said “17 per cent more tax collection has been registered during the last five months as compared to the last year. We not only paid over Rs.500 billion circular debt but also added 1800 MW electricity to the national grid.”

He subjected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan to criticism, alleging that “whenever the economy starts improving, Khan carries out a drone attack on it… Whenever the Pakistan comes closer to democratic strengthening and development, Imran Khan comes up with another drone attack.”

“Imran Khan should tell the nation to what extent has he resolved public transport issue in KPK in six-month rule? Has a single patwari been removed in his province?” the PML-N government’s federal minister asked. “He even could not eliminate corruption within 90 days as per his claims,” the minister added.

“The provincial governments are answerable to the center for their performances. In criticism, they forget that they are part of the federation too,” Rashid said.

“There are more problems in Peshawar as compared to Lahore, there is more inflation in Peshawar while rallies are taken out in Lahore,” Rashid said.

“Imran Khan says the government should get ready for elections in June, it seems Mr. Khan is bent upon derailing the democratic system. He must observe patience and should fight his case in courts, media and the Parliament…The agitation on roads is not in favour of Pakistan,” the minister suggested, referring to PTI’s Dec 22 protest rally against inflation.

Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said as a result of Government's efforts‚ the growth rate has risen by five percent.

Addressing a news conference in Lahore on Sunday afternoon‚ he said seventy percent more revenue have been collected as compared to last year.

He said load shedding has reduced when the present took over‚ there was energy crisis‚ economy in bad shape and law and order situation was also worsened.

The Minister said law and order situation in Karachi has improved due to targeted operation.

Pervaiz Rashid said Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf has initiated steps‚ which would again take the country towards destruction.

He said PTI should concentrate improving lives of the common people in Peshawar instead of staging protest demonstrations in Lahore.

Pervaiz Rashid said that the next general elections will be held on time and PTI should wait for it.

‘We have eliminated corruption and the Transparency International has endorsed our viewpoint’, he said.

The minister also claimed that all the political parties were part of federal or provincial government.