LUDHIANA - To fill Guru Nanak Stadium seats for the World Cup Kabaddi finals, Indian Punjab roadways buses were on duty to ferry villagers from across the state. The authorities opted for providing special pick-and-drop facility for villagers, reported Indian Express on Saturday.

About 150 roadways buses deployed to ferry the spectators to the stadium. Hence, the buses remained off road on Saturday due to which many passengers faced inconvenience, specially students who travel on a daily basis on student passes.

About 5,000 police personnel were deployed in the city to take care of the arrangements of the mega event. Security was beefed up in view of the visit of the Pak delegation led by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.


To project the city at its best to the Shahbaz Sharif, the state government had covered garbage dumps and jhuggis with tents along the road that lead the delegation to the match venue. The jhuggis have come up on encroached land. The road always emits foul smell. Though the state government could not stop the foul smell but they covered up the tents superficially on both sides of the road.


Shahbaz Sharif was in city along with his family. His wife, daughter and daughter-in-law were supposed to go for shopping. For their convenience, Indian officials had arranged for their shopping at Nilibar Store, at Mall Road, but they didn’t turn up. Though they changed the time twice. Later, the family asked for designer black sarees which were sent to Radisson Blu Hotel room where the family was staying.