Islamabad - Although the crime rate in the federal capital has registered a bit decline during the last six months as compared to the corresponding period of 2013, yet it is more than alarming with Koral and Shehzad Town police stations areas contributing the most to what can yet be considered as shocking crime rate leading to a growing sense of insecurity amongst the residents.

The sole cause of the high crime rate in the federal capital seemed to be poor prosecution and justice system that favours criminals. While crime rate still remains high, public fear of insecurity is on the rise. There are 18 police stations within the limits of Islamabad capital territory.

According to the police station-wise breakup of the data pertaining to the rate of various crimes during the last 6 months (April-October 2014) exclusively available with this scribe, Koral police station registered 11 murder cases in 6 months while the Shehzad Town police station registered 10, Kohsar, 1, Secretariat, 5, Bhara Kahu, 4, Margalla, 3, Shalimar, 4, Golra, 5, Tarnol, 10, Ramna, 2, Industrial Area, 3, Sabzi Mandi, 4, Banigala, 2, Nilore, 4, Lohi Bher, 4, and Sihala, 2, making it 74 in total as compared to registration of 86 murder cases in corresponding period in 2013.

The ICT police registered 8 cases of kidnapping for ransom during the last six months with Koral police station yet taking the lead by registering two cases of the kind. Tarnol police station and Industrial Area police station registered 2 cases each while Margalla and Nilore registered one case each, making it 8 as compared to 10 cases of same nature registered in the corresponding period in 2013.

Shehzad Town and Tarnol police stations each registered 13 cases of kidnapping (Zina ordinance) followed by Aabpara which registered 6 cases, Kohsar, 2, Bhara Kahu, 6, Margalla, 5, Shalimar, 2, Golra, 8, Ramna, 3, Women police station, 1, Industrial Area, 2, Sabzi Mandi, 6, Banigala, 1, Koral, 8, Lohi Bher, 5 and Sihala, 4, making it 85 in total as compared to 110 in 2013.

Shehzad Town police station once again remained atop when it comes to the cases of dacoity with registering six cases followed by Tarnol and Koral 4 each, Banigala, 3, Bhara Kahu and Sihala 2 each, Shalimar, Industrial Area and Sabzi Mandi 1 each, making it 24 in total as compared to 26 in 2013.

Industrial Area police station registered 35 cases of robbery, followed by Shahzad Town police station, 31, Sabzi Mandi police station, 22, Tarnol, 19, Shalimar and Lohi Bher police stations, 16 each, Margalla, 15, Aabpara, 13, Koral, 12, Sihala, 11, Ramna, 10, Kohsar, 7, Bhara Kahu, 5, Secretariat, 4, Nilore, 3, Golra, 2, and Banigala, 1, making it 222 in total as compared to 255 in 2013.

Vehicle theft remains atop the other crimes committed in the ICT limits in the six months period with registering of 361 cases, averaging 60 vehicles theft cases a month. Seventy-two vehicles were stolen just from the limits of Margalla police station followed by 57 from the Aabpara police station limits.

Furthermore, 20 vehicles were stolen from Kohsar, 5 from Secretariat and Bhara Kahu each, 17 from Shalimar, 12 from Golra, 15 from Tarnol, 33 from Ramana, 36 from Industrial Area, 40 from Sabzi Mandi, 1 from Banigala, 12 from Shehzad Town, 3 from Koral, 21 from Lohi Bher and 12 from the limits of Sihala police station making it 361 in total as compared to 478 reportedly stolen in the corresponding period of 2013.

Nilore and Banigala police stations registered the lowest number of crime as compared to the other police stations with Nilore registering zero cases of vehicle theft, kidnapping (zina ordinance), dacoity and burglary. Only one vehicle was stolen from Banigala police station’s limits during the last six months.