Mugging is a common practise in a volatile city like Karachi. Where cell phones being the top choice on the checklist of robbers and muggers who have been surviving off of stolen phones and cash they ‘earn’ via mugging. In some areas mugging has now become one of the most common activities being performed openly and in disguise, with both the genders actively participating in the crime. A few cases came up recently in the area of Gulistane Jauhar where muggers, who potentially looked like educated girls, asked for help from passer by’s looking for address or asking for a ride to their required destination.

Since this is a ‘new’ practice, a good number of naive people have been robbed; these innocent looking girl muggers are armed. This new trend, of young girls getting involved in this booming business is causing much alarm as it gets extremely hard to recognise who to assist, if asked by a genuine person who requires help. Most importantly, the feeling of empathy and trust left has been robbed.


Karachi, December 11.