Islamabad - The Ehtesab Commission of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is faltering to investigate transfer of various government school buildings in the names of local influential people which caused hefty financial loss to the national exchequer.

Well-placed sources told The Nation that the Ehtesab (accountability) Commission set up by the provincial government of PTI was indecisive to launch probe into the scandal and punish those who transferred ownership of various school buildings in the province to local influential people.

According to sources some buildings of schools were either transferred in the name of landlords who allocated land for construction of buildings for the schools either in connivance with senior officials of the Education and Revenue Departments or the local sitting MPs of that time.

Sources said that this had happened when the previous provincial governments constructed new buildings as part of up-gradation of the schools and abandoned the old buildings.

They were of the view that the local landlords who allocated land tracts for schools in their respective areas had never transferred the land in the name of the education department or the department for which the piece of land had been allocated.

“This practice continued unabated for decades until the PTI government assumed power in the province”, a senior government official privy to the scandal told The Nation. He was of the view that assets of the Education Department in the province have been abused massively and alleged that beneficiaries are mostly the corrupt officials of the department who got the buildings transferred in the names either by gratifying their seniors or through so-called judicial process.

Sources further said that these buildings now transferred in the name of influential people have also been used as ghost schools as payment of salaries to the staff continued unabated. And all this had been possible because of the connivance of the senior officials of the Education Department.

Likewise, hundreds of small buildings constructed as ‘Patwarkhanas’ and the then Rural Health Centers (RHCs) in different parts of the province are also on the verge of being transferred in the names of local influential people.

Sources further said this happened during the tenure of last two governments in the province and high ups of Ehtesab Commission were not moving against this corruption because of political compulsions.

Sources believed that this would be the major test case for the provincial Ehtesab Commission to unearth corrupt and powerful mafia in the government departments which had benefited at the expense of tax payers money.