The Lal Masjid crew are still engaged in their old habits, and continue to cause problems for the state. A cleric of Lal Masjid on Saturday filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court against alleged police harassment, after the release of a video by Jamia Hafsa students pledging support to the militants of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). And though the police is known to be off point and delayed in its response to crime and the disruption of peace, maybe for once, the harassment was warranted. This is the seminary that has openly defied the writ of the state and named their library after Osama bin Laden.

The police has been harassing Ihtashamul Haq, one of the trustees of Lal Masjid Shuhada Foundation, though Haq says he had nothing to do with the student videos. But Umme Hassan, the principal of the seminary has reported endorsed this action, saying that they were justified in declaring support for the Islamic State, because no one came to their rescue when they were attacked and humiliated like enemies in July 2007. Haq is also pursuing the murder case of cleric Abdul Rashid Ghazi in which former president retired General Pervez Musharraf was an accused in court. He claims that the government wanted the police to detain him because it wants to sabotage the proceedings of that case.

These are people who openly support the TTP and ISIS. If such people are not a treat to national security, then why are we fighting a war against them in North Waziristan. What the students are doing is to a large extent the responsibility of what they have learnt at the seminary. This seminary is a base of radicalisation, right in the heart of the nations capital. Harassment by the authorities is mild compared to what should be happing to anyone supporting the TTP or ISIS.