I applied as Asst. Professor (BPS 19) in the subject of Library Science at the department Library and Information Science (LIS) University of Peshawar, against an advertisement published in the national dailies. The required qualification for the said post was Ph.D. in Library Science or M.Phil. plus 4 years teaching experience in the relevant subject. Five of the applicants were shortlisted in which 2 were Ph.Ds. including myself, and the other 3 were M. Phils.

From a reliable source I came to know that the interview for the post was scheduled for April 26, 2013. I contacted the LIS department as to why I had not been called for the said interview; they said that they had sent me a letter but, I am sure, there is no record/receipt that can justify their claim. They wanted me out of the interview process at that stage. I was handed a letter dated April 24, 2013 personally after repeated requests (remember the interview was scheduled for 26th, just two days after).

There is more the panel of interviewers included VC University of Peshawar, Dean of Management Sciences, an honourable member of Provincial Public Service Commission of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and two ‘experts’ in the relevant subject. A few words about the experts, they were under-qualified, all of them were only MA’s in Library Science. How could they evaluate or interviewed a Ph.Ds. or for that matter MPhils? And they were not from the teaching faculty, they were librarians; whereas the post I applied for was Asst. Professorship. Why were professors in grade 20 not invited to the panel?

The university claims that the two ‘experts’ did not allot any marks for the eligibility of a candidate; they only assisted the other members. I would like to know what kind of ‘assistance’ they provided. It is a ridiculous explanation. This drama was played only to promote two lecturers to the post of Asst. Professors and sideline me, a Ph.D.


Charsadda, December 11.