This is with reference to the news captioned ‘Court acquits Zardari in two references’ dated December 13, 2014. I am not a lawyer but, as a common citizen I feel that the reasons for acquittal have not been carried by your newspapers. In fact, a report ordered by LHC, pertaining to writing of three judgments, word by word similar, in three different cases against Zardari, was intentionally disbanded and not pursued at all because of mere retirement of a former judge writing the judgments, ‘technically’ paved the way for the acquittal. What stopped the LHC or NAB from completing an enquiry of such an important nature, by simply summoning the judge even after his retirement?

There is no mention about the evidence in these cases and additionally, the present government of PML-N is purportedly still in a fix to claim Benazir’s necklace, stashed in Swiss bank, as Pakistan government’s property. This highlights the culpability of the present Chairman NAB in making sure that those who appointed him get scot-free, on one pretext or another just like the questions being raised by the public, against the ECP. NAB must take stock of issues in their true perspective and play its role in eradicating corruption from the country rather than assisting it in the shape of plea bargains and non-pursuance of cases to their logical ends in a malafide manner.


Rawalpindi, December 13.