MULTAN: At least eight death row convicts were executed in different cities of Punjab, including Bahawalpur, Multan and others today.

Two murder convicts were sent to gallows in Multan Central Jail. Manzoor Hussain had killed his wife after she demanded divorce in 2003, while Muhammad Tahir was convicted of killing a man in the same year.

Two murder convicts were also hanged in New Central Jail Bahawalpur. Death row convict Aziz-ur-Rehman had killed three people over a petty issue in 2002 while; Akhtar Ali had murdered a woman over resistance during robbery bid. Two murder convicts were also executed in district jail Gujrat. Death row prisoners Azam and Iftekhar were hanged for murdering a man in 2004.

Death row convict Zahid was executed in District Jail Attock. Zahid was guilty of killing a man in 2005 during a robbery attempt. A murderer named Muhammad Iqbal was sent to the gallows in the Central Jail Dera Ghazi Khan. Iqbal had killed a man named Manzoor Hussain in 2001.

Hanging of death row convict Abdul Waheed was halted after the two parties reached an agreement.

Execution of Saeed Ahmed was halted in Dera Ghazi Khan Central Jail after agreement between two parties while, after stay orders from the court, hanging of Gul Jahan and Qaisar Abbas was halted at Mianwali and Gujranwala Central Jails respectively.