Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority has asked the Islamabad Capital Territory administration and ICT police chief to make security arrangements for the crackdown, which the CDA has finalised, on public and private entrepreneurs operating from residential areas of the capital city, The Nation has learnt reliably.

The action to evict public and private entrepreneurs including government offices, NGOs, INGOs, foreigners and oil and gas companies from the residential units has been finalized in line with the Supreme Court’s directions. In compliance with the directions of the Supreme Court dated 15 September, 2015, the CDA is sealing the houses over nonconforming use.

A letter written by the CDA to chief commissioner ICT and IG police, a copy of which is exclusively available with The Nation, the vigilance teams of the Building Control Section (BCS) of CDA have unearthed various public and private entrepreneurs operating from residential areas.

These include government offices, NGOs, INGOs, foreigners, oil and gas companies etc which all come under the definition of nonconforming use of the houses and thus under obligation to be returned to their conforming use in accordance with the orders of the SC, the letter added. “The authority has phased out a sealing operation and before entering into the instant phase (sealing of premises being used for public and private entrepreneurs, city-wide), we seek your special concern for security management and arrangements as many foreigners and government agencies are part of the list prepared by the CDA and their safety and security is the foremost priority,” the letter said.

The CDA has requested the authorities to carry out a law and order survey in security perspective through concerned officers, enabling the concerned formations of the Authority to ensure compliance of the SC’s directions in true letter and spirit. The interior ministry and cabinet division have also been informed by the CDA about its proposed crackdown against nonconforming use of the houses involving the foreigners. The CDA will launch a crackdown against the violators of the building codes once the police and ICT administration make arrangements for the security of the foreigners involved in the case, sources in the CDA said.