ISLAMABAD:  A powerful network of ‘Haram’ meat seller is operating in the locality of Tarnol, in the outskirts of Islamabad, involved in the sale of meat of sick and prohibited animals.

According to details, meat supplies of sick and weak as well as of forbidden animals is going on at a large scale, in various localities of Bhaddana kalaan, Noughazi and Tarnol for domestic users as well as Hotels.  According to informed sources, Chungi No 26 on the Peshawar road is a big market from where the Haram meat is supplied, and many hotels get benefit from it. They said both the hotels owners and many butchers are involved in this dirty business, as hotel owners buy such meat on cheaper rates.

This type of meat is coming through a well coordinated network working in Northern Punjab and some parts of KP as well.  Further it was reported that many officers of Health Department are involved in taking monthly bribe and were not taking any action against this unlawful business, thus playing with the lives of the citizens.