ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan today expressed grave concern over the growing anti-Islam rhetoric, coming from political forces in the US and Europe.

According to press release issued today, PTI chairman said that the most ill-informed are the remarks made by US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Khan felt Trump’s statements regarding Muslims and the need to keep them out of the US, not only creates a greater insecurity amongst American Muslims, but also threatens to encourage more recruitment into extremist ranks.

Khan said that Trump also seemed ignorant about the fact that the US has major interests and a substantial presence in many Muslim states – all of which could suffer setbacks if his vitriol against Muslims continues. Khan also called on the US to do some introspection and assess how its War on Terror has impacted global terrorism: whether it has actually reduced or in fact increased the reach of the extremists and their acts of terrorism. Khan hoped that the political leadership in the US and in Europe would help counter the growing Islamophobia in their countries, rather than encouraging it with hate-filled rhetoric.