ISLAMABAD: Senior leader ruling PML-N Danial Aziz today said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has submitted details of 179 cases in Supreme Court of Pakistan, including 98 cases of bureaucrats, Ex-Army officers and businessmen.

As per media reports, Danial Aziz said that in Rs. 1083 billions corruption cases only one or two percent politicians were involved, which becomes 5 or 6 persons while cases against remaining persons were pending in the courts and questioned why they were not arrested?.

“A person holding Rs. 30.000/- salary per month, where did he get millions of costly houses adding that it is easy to apprehend politicians and not easy to arrest bureaucrats,” he added and maintained that you were talking about Rs. 230 billions, our stance in this regard is that you recover Rs. 400 billion and leave the remaining.

He further said that as many as 156 cases have been sent to federation; only six out of these cases could be processed. “We want the rangers to focus on their targets rather than to be personal and conduct the proceeding”, Aziz concluded.