LAHORE - The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has shown its concern on non-cooperative attitude of the Administrative Departments in settlement of the audit observations that result in piling up of the pending business.

The compliance to this will be intimated to the secretary Punjab Assembly.

The PAC also directed the Punjab government to do capacity building of drawing and disbursing officers (DDOs).

Official sources said the PAC of the Provincial Assembly Punjab has taken a serious note of the prevailing state of affairs in making official accounts in accordance with law, rules and instructions. The PAC has also shown its concern on non-cooperative attitude of the Administrative Departments in settlement of the audit paras.

“One reason for leading into this situation is that the DDO's and their supervising officers are not properly trained and aware of the different laws, rules and procedure governing the financial and procurement matters” said an official circular moved to all secretaries. The situation leads to audit observations and finally audit paras to the PAC, it adds.

Taking cognizance of this situation, the Public Accounts Committee of the Provincial Assembly, Punjab has directed the Administrative Departments to arrange trainings for their Drawing & Disbursing Officers (DDOs) including their supervising officers in the disciplines of Financial Management and Procurement Rules. This would abreast them of the rules enabling them to run affairs of their offices in a befitting manner.

Earlier, under PIFRA (Project for Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing) a project was under way to increase accuracy, completeness, reliability, and timeliness of intra-year and yearly government financial reports in Pakistan at the national, provincial, and district levels.

In compliance of directions of PAC, the Finance Department has indentified the topics for training of all the DDOs, said the official. The DDOs will be trained at the Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD) or at the departmental training institutes functioning under various departments.

In budget section training areas for the DDOs will be preparation of budget including medium term budgetary framework and medium term development frame work, utilization and review of budget and releases.

As far as financial rules are concerned the topics will include pay, allowances for government servants, maintenance of store accounts, roles of principal accounting officers, delegation of financial powers rules, audit and settlement of audit paras, pension rules, Punjab Sales Tax on services, treasury and subsidiary rules, financial statement and its audit.

In Office Management (OM) the DDOs will get training in maintenance of service book, group insurance rules, general provident rules, filing system and maintenance of record, medical attendance rules, benevolent fund rules and Punjab procurement rules.

Preparation of annual development program (ADP) and PC I, II, III etc will also be trained in the institutes. New accounting model (NAM) introduced under PIFRA and recoding of assets will be the subjects in accounting matters.

Moreover, departments like agriculture, cooperative, forests, fisheries, health, population welfare, special education, school education, Local government, TVTA and Irrigation will hold training in their respective institutions.