Thousands people of UC-79 Choti Zareen, native town of Leghari family, rejected through show of hands during a public meeting the nomination of a Leghari family member for the slot of District Council chairman.

The residents of the town of Jamal Khan Leghari, Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari and other Leghari Sardars are annoyed and disappointed with them. That is why, the thousands residents asked Chairman Hasnain Ahmad Khan Leghari that to join hands with the non-Leghari political group of MNA Hafiz Abdul Kareem for the election of chairmanship of district council and to support Abdul Qadir Khan Khosa for the slot.

During the public meeting arranged by newly elected chairman Hasnain Ahmad Khan Leghari and General Councillor Noor Hajwani, the people said that since the last 67 years, despite the enjoying the presidentship of Pakistan, the Leghari family gave no attention to the development of Choti Zareen and basic facilities for residents of their native town.

The residents of Choti Zareen are still living without the basic facilities like drinking water, cleanliness, education, streets, roads, sewerage and drainage system. Choti Zareen town is still a picture of the stone-age, they said. The in the local bodies elections, majority of the residents had cast their votes against the Leghari family.