LAHORE - Small and medium enterprises (SME) sector in Pakistan has always been underprivileged. There are some core issues like lack of access to proper financial facilitations and at policy level SMEs sector is not dealt with serious concentration. Both at policy formulation level as well the on financial facilitation, government and the financial institutions respectively are more inclined towards the large scale business setups and industrial units. Similar is the situation when it comes to the microfinance and the foreign investors. On the contrary, it is evident from the economic development history of big economies around the world that the economic well being and strengthening has resulted from the progressive development of SME sector in their countries.

Keeping eyes on the economic future and building Pakistan, as a nation of prosperous and developed people, business communities, economic scholars and different forums in Pakistan has been voicing for the SME sector development. Similarly, All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has reminded and brought the issue in light again and again. President of the Forum Ibrahim Qureshi recently raised his concerns about the policy formulation orientations and momentum with which SMEs are dealt with so far by the government. Expressing his thoughts, Qureshi said, “Government must support SME sector for the economic prosperity in Pakistan.

It will be difficult to transform our nation into a stronger economy without giving due share to the establishment and patronizing small and medium businesses.”