Two under custody robbers were killed allegedly when their accomplices ambushed a police team escorting them in the wee hours of Monday. The incident took place in Korye Sial area of Ellahabad Police.

According to the police, the Ellahabad Police arrested two notorious robbers - Naseem alias Lucky and Aslam alias Aslu Sunday evening. Acting on the information extorted from them, the police escorted the two robbers to Korye Sial for the arrest of their accomplices. However, as the policemen reached the area, accomplices of the accused lying in ambushed, attacked the police in a bid to get both the robbers freed. The police retaliated but in the mean time the robbers in custody sustained bullet injuries due to firing by their accomplices. “The police moved forward but the attackers fled the scene under the cover of darkness,” DPO Ali Nasir Rizvi informed. He said that the police rushed both the injured robbers to hospital but their breathed their last on the way.

He said that both as Naseem alias Lucky and Aslam alias Aslu had been involved in dozens of cases of robbers, snatching murder, attempt to murder and other crimes.

He said that the dead robbers were wanted by the police in Kasur and Lahore districts.

He said that the police have launched hunt for the arrest of the runaway culprits.