BAHAWALPUR -  Police pledged to provide foolproof security for the Chinese and other foreign engineers present here for the completion of different projects on priority basis.

A meeting was attended by Bahawalpur District Police Officer Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, PKM Project's Sector Commander Section 6 Major Arshad Bukhari and representative of Chinese engineers Mr Chi regarding the security arrangements.

In the meeting, the DPO said that according to the standard operating procedure (SOP) security of all the locations is being ensured. The meeting appreciated the security being provided and praised the efforts of Bahawalpur Police.

It said that all the foreign engineers coming in the district have always been provided with the fool proof security. It ensured the implementation of directions issued by the police with respect to the security arrangements.

The district police officer said that in the light of government's directions security of the engineers working on the projects is a great honour for the police. For the purpose, all possible steps are being taken, he said. According to the security arrangements all the directions received from Home Department are being ensured, he said.

Quaid-i-Azam Solar Power Project and PKM projects hold too much importance that is why the implementation of the SOPs issued in this regard are being ensured, he said. He noted that foreign and Chinese engineers' residences, work sites and movement are completely protected.