islamabad - Former Prime Minister of Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal yesterday paid a visit to Lok Virsa Museum and appreciated the diverse culture of Pakistan. He admired the similarities of common values between the two countries.

“Pakistani culture and the languages spoken here are close to Nepalese culture and language and there are brotherly ties between us,” he said.

He said that there is similarity between language, culture and religion values and turns Pakistan into one nation.

Former PM remarked that after visiting Lok Virsa Museum he felt that Pakistan has diversity culture and multiple language, ethnics and religions same to Nepal.

“Also there are similarities of Folk culture of Nepal and Pakistan,” he said.

Turkish goodwill Ambassador and singer Ersin Faikzade, Nepal’s former Finance Minister Surendra Panday, Chairman International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) M Shahid Amin Khan and Senior Vice Chairman IHRC Asra Khan were also present there.

Ersin Faikzade spoke in the harmony of folk culture tradition between Turkey and Pakistan foundations of which were laid by Mustafa Kamal Atta Turk.

He said he was impressed by preservation of folk culture in the museum and he feels the need for a place of Turkish culture in the museum as well.

The delegation visited various sections of the museum and former PM of Nepal admired the work being done by Lok Virsa and expressed his desire to include culture of Nepal in the museum. He wrote his remarks in the visitor book. 

Former Prime Minister Nepal hoped that Pakistan and Nepal would initiate joint cultural programmes to promote the culture of both countries.

He said culture and languages of Pakistan had deep resemblance with Nepalese culture.