LAHORE - Lahore Zoo celebrated World Monkey Day in collaboration with The Trust School at Lahore Zoo yesterday.

The school adopted the olive baboon for 2 months paying the feeding expenditures Rs22,000 and named the baboon Bonnie.

The monkey costumed children sang poems on monkey and performed skits highlighting the evolution of monkeys and the threats these creatures face nowadays.

Children feed fruits and dry fruits to the monkeys showing their love for their favorite animal. Stuffed specimen of spider monkey and capuchin monkey were displayed for public awareness. Cake cutting ceremony was carried out.

Deputy Director Lahore Zoo Tanvir Janjua appreciated the children for showing their love these creatures and playing their role in conservation of wildlife.

Director Zoo Shafqat Ali in his message highlighted that importance of monkeys in maintaining the ecological balance, being part of food web and their significance in medicine.

Presently, Lahore Zoo has six species of primates, which include chimpanzee, olive baboon, vervet monkey, capuchin monkey, colobus monkey and rhesus monkey.