LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has appreciated PTI’s decision to end the boycott of the Parliament, saying opposition parties must unite for the accountability of the rulers.

In a statement issued from JI head office Mansora yesterday, he said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s attitude dissociating his statement in the court from his address to the nation and his speech in the National Assembly was a scar on the country’s parliamentary history and had breached the privilege of the parliament. The JI chief further said that Pakistan at present was experiencing family rule instead of true democracy and the political parties would have to change their attitude to correct the trend. He made it clear that the main issue at present was not the formation of an enquiry commission for Panama leaks enquiry, it was prompt and across the board accountability and said that the opposition should unite and chalk out a line of action in this regard.

He warned that failure in the accountability of the off- shore companies could prove another fall of Dhaka.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed Secretary General of the OIC Dr Youssef bin Al Ottaimeen has thanked the JI chief following Siraj message of greetings to him for his election to the high office of the world Muslim body.

The new OIC chief has appealed for special invocations seeking divine blessings and help for the solution of the Ummah’s problems. 

Senator Siraj, in his message of greetings, had expressed the hope that Dr Youssef would take concrete measures to resolve the Muslim Ummah’ problems, especially the issues of Syria, Kashmir, Palestine, Bangladesh, Egypt, Yemen, and Arakan (Burma).  He had assured the new OIC head that the Ummah would fully stand behind the OIC if it made sincere and effective endeavour to resolve the common issues of the Muslim world.